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How The Caesar Salad Got Its Name

How The Caesar Salad Got Its Name

Classic Caesar Salad

A week doesn’t go by that a family member or I do not eat a Caesar salad! So, how did the Caesar salad get its name? Was it created by or for Julius Caesar?

No. Its origin is attributed to Caesar Cardini (1896-1956), a restauranteur who immigrated from Italy and owned restaurants in both the United States and Mexico. The story goes that one day he was short on supplies so, using the ingredients that he had on hand, threw together what is now known as the famous Caesar salad. However, there are conflicting theories about its origin that involve others who take credit for this current day salad staple. Alex, Caesar Cardini’s brother, claims it as does Paul Maggoria, a partner in their restaurant business, who named the salad the “aviator’s salad,” as it was created to serve to airmen from San Diego, California.

Whoever was responsible for its origin, it remains a basic on many restaurant menus and is one of my favorites!

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