June 2011 – Texas Blue

To Buy This Book: Texas Blue

Texas Blue
By Jodi Thomas

This is my first “Romance Junkie” book, as I tend to stick to non-fiction, so I am delighted to report that I am officially outside of my comfort zone!

Jodi Thomas has really hit it on the nail as far as appealing to women’s’ often suppressed desire to root for the underdog, to fanaticize about wealth, and to believe in divine intervention when it comes to romance. Ms. Thomas successfully combines all of these elements in a fast paced, exciting read that mimics a good romance movie. In fact, I would rather read this book than go to the movies!

As an adopted child of Texas, via New York City, it is fascinating for me to learn about rural life on a working ranch in old Texas. So many of my native Texan friends actually live this life or are related to individuals who do. Native Texans, will feel right at home when reading “Texas Blue,” as Jodi Thomas is a fifth generation Texan herself, and a reliable source of information on Texas ranch life. Whether you are a native Texan, or a Katy transplant, you will lose yourself in this descriptive story of life in old Texas.

The characters in the book are individuals of strength and substance. None are weak or bland. Each is distinctive and determined to stay true to themselves and to follow their own path: the Texas spirit! The romantic aspect is gradually built up over the course of the novel, and is gently infused. How fortunate we are to have Jodi Thomas to entertain us!

More to come….

– Mindy Victores

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  1. sam
    sam at | | Reply

    I am very happy to have found this site as I love to read and talk about books, but with a little one there is never the time to make it to a scheduled book club. This makes it so wonderfully easy to socialize and read. Thank you so much and I look forward to talking about Texas Blue next month.

  2. Tracy
    Tracy at | | Reply

    I’d read this book before I found the site. But it would be fun to do some later books! Keep it up!

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