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Mindy Zamore Victores loves everything about Katy, Texas! She owned a home in Cinco Ranch 20 years ago and now returns to Katy frequently to visit her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren, who reside in Katy. She has a husband and three children, ages 30, 29, and 27. Mindy brings to Katy Confidential the perspective of a mature woman who views Katy as a destination for fun and family.

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  1. Ronda
    Ronda at | | Reply

    I have read the almost whole blog till this recent update, really great read. But do you have a twitter account, so I can get latest updates there as well.

    1. Laura Wyman
      Laura Wyman at | | Reply

      Yes! Here’s the link to our Twitter profile (and there’s a link in the sidebar):!/KatyConf

      Thanks for asking!

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